November Project Philadelphia

Happy Sunday Veg Worlders…

It’s been a while since I published a W.H.I.P. post! For those of you wondering what this food pun means, W.H.I.P. (What’s Hot in Philly) posts are my way of highlighting all the healthy eating/fitness/Philly food related initiatives in the great City of Brotherly Love. One of my favorite things about Philadelphia is the abundance of opportunities for foodies and fitness lovers, and now that I’m an official resident of the city, you can expect much more W.H.I.P. action in the future…

Today’s post is all about the November Project Philadelphia. Started in Boston as a way to stay in shape during the winter, the November Project is a movement that embodies the principles of getting fit for free, building community, hugging, sweating, and rocking grassroots gear. Since its inception three years ago, NP has expanded to 17 cities across the United States (and even Canada!), delivering endorphin boosts and sweaty hugs for $0 every Wednesday and Friday morning.

November Project’s growth is a result of the movement’s strong emphasis on recruitment. Each tribe, led by two amazing people, encourages their members to recruit anyone and everyone to the early morning workouts and pledge their #verbal commitments to each other and on the tribe’s Facebook page. The November Project’s social media posts often include #justshowup, a phrase that sums up the movement’s commitment to inspiring its members to reach their fullest potential in every workout as long as they simply get themselves there.

During a usual workout, each member gives and receives numerous words of encouragement and countless hugs and high-fives, all while completing a rigorous workout. The mornings end with group pictures and the bestowal of NP’s “hardhat award,” a peer-to-peer award given to someone who embodies the spirit of the movement and encourages others to do the same. And every once in a while, the tribes take yearbook photos and host tagging days, where members can bring their own pieces of workout gear to get tagged with the November Project’s logo.

Photo cred: Kristen McManus

Grassroots gear. Photo cred: Kristen McManus.


Photo cred: November Project Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia chapter of the November Project meets every Wednesday at the legendary Art Museum steps (CC: Rocky Balboa) and every Friday at a different location throughout the city. Our leaders, Dan and Suzanne, never fail to deliver an epic workout, and sweating alongside my fellow tribe members always leaves me with a smile (and sore muscles) that lasts the whole week. The Philly tribe continues to grow every week, and on Wednesday, November 5, over 300 people attended the Art Museum workout, a result of the nationwide push to get 3,014 people to collectively show up across the 17 active cities for the movement’s third birthday. In Philly, the day included yearbook photos, a DJ, and in typical NP fashion, lots of hugs and smiles to go around.

Photo cred: November Project Philadelphia!

300+ tribe members on 11/5/14. The tribe is strong. Photo cred: November Project Philadelphia.

Surprise visit from a fellow Holy Cross grad and leader of November Project Baltimore, Pat O'Neil.

Surprise visit from a fellow Holy Cross grad and leader of November Project Baltimore, Pat O’Neil!

If this write-up still hasn’t convinced you to check out NP Philadelphia, I dare you to #justshowup and experience the November Project for yourself. Wednesday at 6:25 AM, Art Museum steps…that’s my #verbal commitment. Be sure to check out the tribe on Facebook for all the latest news, photos, and Friday locations. And if you don’t live in Philadelphia, head on over to the NP website to see how you can join the tribe in your city. It’s awesome. It’s free. And all you have to do is show up.

November 5, 2014: A view from the top.

11/5/14: A view from the top.

As always, thanks for reading! More recipes to follow…