Produce Conversions Made Easy

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I’m sure many of you are preparing to host family and friends for the holidays. This year marks my first time hosting the traditional turkey dinner (with lots of veggie sides, of course)!

As I began to prepare the menu, I came across many recipes, including my own, that call for certain cup amounts of produce. So I got to thinking, how many apples are in a pound? Does this yield 1 or 2 cups of diced pieces? And what about sweet potatoes?

Soon enough, I was creating a guide for produce conversions, to help with holiday meal planning and shopping. I chopped and diced any produce I had on hand…

Easy Produce Conversions

…and researched the rest of the Thanksgiving classics.

The result? This easy-to-read produce conversion “cheat sheet.” Print it out or download it to your phone, and bring it along on your Thanksgiving shopping trip!